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Top Ten Gas Furnaces


If you want to research the best furnaces available, our top ten gas furnaces list will get you started.  The models we choose are of the highest quality. That is our primary criterion.  You will find 80% efficient models, 90% furnaces, and those ranging up to 98%.  The reason we select a spectrum of the best gas furnaces is because we know that homeowners want the right gas furnace for their climate and their long-term needs.

If you live in  a northern climate, a high-efficiency model is best.  In warm climates, standard-efficiency model might be more cost efficient.  Furnace manufacturers know that consumers have different needs so they make quality equipment at different efficiency levels.

Here are the top ten gas furnaces based on the quality of their design and build, consumer feedback, and our own research.

1. Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace: 98.2% AFUE.  Lennox does very well in HVAC reviews and this premium, efficient furnace shows why.  You’ll reduce utility bills, cut greenhouse gas emissions and have a very comfortable home.  This is also a dual fuel gas furnace – it works in a split system with either a central air conditioner or a heat pump for heating efficiency and flexibility.

2. Carrier Infinity ICS Gas Furnace: 95% AFUE. This isn’t Carrier’s most efficient furnace but it is there most advanced.  Using the Carrier Infinity controller, you can create a very comfortable home in every way with this furnace while significantly cutting energy costs.  An Energy Star furnace.

3. Trane Communicating XC95m Gas Furnace: 95% AFUE.  This is Trane’s top of the line gas furnace and it has a very good service record. The communicating technology offers better system coordination as well as faster service and repair.  This is a 2-stage performer with a variable-speed blower fan.  Add Trane’s Comfort-R and Trane Clean Effects air purifier and you’ll have a very comfortable, healthy home environment. An Energy Star furnace.

4. Amana ACVC9 — 93% AFUE Gas Furnace: 93% AFUE.  Amana gets top gas furnace reviews for quality and customer satisfaction. This is a 2-stage, variable-speed furnace with communicating technology for precise performance.  It comes with one of the best warranties in the furnace industry. An Energy Star furnace.

5. Trane Single-Stage XR95 Gas Furnace: 95% AFUE.  This may be the most efficient single-stage gas furnace on the market.  It is well-built and reliable.  The XR95 from Trane is a very good choice for those who want to control heating costs in cooler climates while paying less for a single-stage model.  An Energy Star furnace.

6. Goodman Downflow, Variable Speed, 93% AFUE GCVC95/9 Gas Furnace: 93% AFUE. The 2-stage gas valve and variable-speed burner provide outstanding indoor comfort.  This furnace comes with a lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty that provides the homeowner with a new furnace if the heat exchanger fails the original owner in the first 10 years.  Goodman’s confidence is borne out in a very reliable and dependable gas furnace.  An Energy Star furnace.

7. American Standard Platinum SV Furnace Freedom 80 Comfort-R Variable-Speed Communicating Furnace: 80% AFUE. This furnace features a 2-stage burner and a variable speed fan. It is designed for homeowners in warmer climates that still want precise control over temperature, humidity and indoor air quality.  It costs less than 90%+ furnaces with comparable features and still delivers the performance you want.

8. Dave Lennox Signature Collection SL280V Variable Speed Gas Furnace: 80% AFUE. Lennox shows its commitment to meet the needs of all its customers.  This standard-efficiency furnace is part of Lennox’s best line, built with the highest-quality parts they use.  It is designed for the homeowner who doesn’t need high-efficiency operation but does want outstanding performance.  This is a dual fuel gas furnace too, so combining it with a heat pump for flexible heating is an option.

9. American Standard Silver XI Freedom 80 High Efficiency Single Stage Furnace: 80% AFUE.  This furnace has a single-stage burner which makes it more affordable.  The variable-speed fan makes your home more comfortable without blasts of cool air before the furnace heats up.  Quality components are found in this furnace that should last 20 years when installed by a qualified contractor and properly maintained.

10. Rheem Classic Series Super Quiet 80 Downflow RGLT Gas Furnace: 80% AFUE.  The Classic Series is Rheem’s best.  This furnace provides basic operation with a single-stage burner and single-speed fan, but every component is of the best quality.  You won’t find a better-built single-stage furnace; you won’t find a more affordable 80% AFUF furnace of this quality.


As you look for a top-quality gas furnace for your home or other location, this list is a good place to start. Choose the level of efficiency you need and you’ll find excellent choices among these top ten gas furnaces on the market.

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