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Goodman Downflow, Variable Speed, 93% AFUE GCVC95/9 Gas Furnace Review


The Goodman 95% AFUE GCVC95 gas furnace offers high efficiency, a competitive price and one of the best warranties on the market.  It rates high in gas furnace reviews for reliability and affordability. With 95% efficiency, it will dramatically reduce heating costs when replacing a gas furnace that is 15+ years old. With 2-stage heating and a variable-speed blower, this model has the ability to help you control every aspect of your home’s climate. The warranty provides for the replacement of the entire furnace if the heat exchanger fails the original owner, coverage provided by only one or two other manufacturers.   Our Goodman Downflow, Variable Speed, GCVC95/9 gas furnace review  looks at the top features of this model as well as providing pricing, warranty and installation information.  Here are the top features of the Goodman variable-speed GCVC95/9 gas furnace:

  • GVC9 models 93% AFUE; GMVC95 models 95% AFUE; both Energy Star qualified.
  • 2-stage burner and variable-speed blower optimize indoor comfort.
  •  2-speed draft inducer motor is quiet and works with the burner for higher efficiency.
  • Wired for ComfortNet Communications System as an option.
  • Aluminized tubular steel heat exchanger is rugged and reliable.
  • Downflow/horizontal installation. 
  • Sizes from 46,000 Btu to 115,000 Btu.

Goodman Downflow, Variable Speed, GCVC95 Prices

As noted, this is an affordable means of heating any home.  It is best suited to cool and cold climates where the furnace gets heavy use all winter and in parts of fall land spring.  Use the prices below to compare it to other furnaces or heat pumps and prices found in our HVAC reviews.

46,000 Btu Goodman GCVC95 gas furnace: $1,349

69,000 Btu Goodman GCVC95 gas furnace: $1,439

90,000 Btu Goodman GCVC95 gas furnace: $1,659

115,000 Btu Goodman GCVC95 gas furnace: $1,839

Goodman Downflow, Variable Speed, GCVC95/9 Warranty

As noted, Goodman has earned its reputation for customer satisfaction with one of the top warranties in the HVAC industry.  The heat exchanger is covered by a lifetime limited warranty.  If it fails in the first 10 years, for the original owner in the original home, Goodman will replace the entire furnace.  All other parts are covered by a 10-year limited warranty which is standard in the industry among better brands.

Professional Installation is Worth Every Penny

While some homeowners choose to install their own gas furnace, they often end up with a poorly functioning furnace and one that may be unsafe.  When you choose professional installation for your Goodman GCVC9 or Goodman GVCV95 gas furnace, you’ll have greater assurance that it is achieving the level of efficiency it should and that it is operating in a safe manner with less risk of gas or carbon monoxide leaks.  Plus, when any furnace is properly installed, it typically runs better for its lifetime, with fewer repairs.  So consider hiring a qualified contractor for the job and keeping the furnace maintained along the way.  You’ll get good performance and should enjoy up to 20 years or more of reliable service.

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