American Standard Platinum ZV Furnace Freedom 95 Comfort-R Variable-Speed, Modulating Communicating Furnace Review


The Platinum ZV gas furnace is the top of the line model from American Standard, one of the top-rated companies in gas furnace reviews.  This furnace offers superior indoor comfort through the use of a modulating gas valve and variable-speed blower.  The furnace sensors determine the precise amount of heat needed to keep indoor temperature evenly balanced and the burner fires between 40% and 100% capacity accordingly.  Each year, more modulating furnaces hit the market and the American Standard Platinum ZV Freedom 95 is one of the best.  It also features communicating technology so that the furnace and other system components synchronize operation for maximum performance.  It’s a very efficient furnace at 95% AFUE, and it has been named one of our Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2013 models.

Our purpose here is to give you the information you need to compare this furnace with other heating equipment you’ll find in our HVAC reviews.  When you take the time to read our reviews and ratings of other models you are considering you’ll find the equipment that will serve your home most effectively.  This American Standard Platinum ZV Furnace Freedom 95 Comfort-R variable-speed, modulating communicating furnace review continues with a look at the top features of this furnace.  Below, you’ll find pricing, warranty and installation information.

  • 95% AFUE; Energy Star qualified.
  • Modulating heat from 40% to 100% capacity.
  • Variable-speed fan optimizes all aspects of climate control.
  • AccuLink Communication synchs components for best performance in all seasons.
  • Choose TAM option for remote control using a smart phone.
  • Comfort-R mode runs fan constantly during cooling to remove more humidity.
  • Old name: Freedom 95; New name: Platinum ZV.
  • Models: 57,000, 75,000, 95,000 and 114,000 Btu.

American Standard Platinum ZV Furnace Freedom 95 Prices

This is American Standard’s most expensive furnace and also its best performer.  It competes with other modulating gas furnaces such as the Dave Lennox Signature Series and the Maytag M1200 Series.  If you want maximum indoor comfort and plan to remain in your home for the long-term, this is an investment in comfort and energy control.  If your requirements for climate control are not as high, or if you live in a warmer climate and don’t need 95% AFUE, you will find very good furnaces for significantly lower cost from American Standard and other leading manufacturers.  If you want one of the top 5 furnaces on the market, this is one of them.  Here are prices to compare with other top models featured in our gas furnace reviews.

57,000 Btu American Standard Platinum ZV Freedom 95 gas furnace: $1,879

75,000 Btu American Standard Platinum ZV Freedom 95 gas furnace: $2,139

95,000 Btu American Standard Platinum ZV Freedom 95 gas furnace: $2,329

114,000 Btu American Standard Platinum ZV Freedom 95 gas furnace: $2,579

Platinum ZV Gas Furnace Warranty

While this is a decent warranty, there are better ones on the market from Maytag, Amana and Goodman.  The Platinum ZV is covered with a heat exchanger lifetime limited warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty.

High-Tech Furnaces Require Expert Installation

This is an innovative gas furnace that can be robbed of its efficiency and durability with sloppy installation.  To install, setup, adjust and coordinate the entire HVAC system requires experience, skill and the necessary tools.  Hire a qualified contractor who is familiar with this furnace to install your American Standard Platinum ZV gas furnace and you’ll enjoy comfort, reliability and outstanding efficiency for many years to come.

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