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Trane Single-Stage XR95 Gas Furnace Review


Trane make a variety of gas furnaces and the Trane Single-Stage XR95 is one of their most efficient.  It doesn’t have the performance of the top of the line XVi series, but it’s very close according to gas furnace reviews and it is more affordable.  This is a single-stage furnace, meaning the burner runs at full capacity all of the time, rather than on low or high depending on the heating requirements communicated to it by the thermostat.  It will keep your home at a comfortable temperature though you may notice slight temperature fluctuations of possibly 2-3 degrees vs. the 1-2 you’d get with a 2-stage model.  If that’s a reality you can live with, you’ll save money with the Trane XR95 furnace.

This Trane Single-Stage XR95 gas furnace review looks at the top features of this model along with information on pricing, warranty and installation.  Here are the top features offered by this model:

  • 95% AFUE will significantly reduce heating costs in many homes when it replaces a furnace 15-20 years old.
  • Energy Star qualified.
  • Single-stage burner offers quality home comfort though not as precise as a 2-stage model.
  • Multi-speed blower provides balanced heating and quieter performance.
  • Dual heat exchangers make the most of the heat produced, with less waste.
  • In-shot multi-port burners ensure reliable heating all winter.
  • Sealed combustion box provides safer, quieter heating.
  • Hot surface, silicon nitride igniter is very dependable.
  • Upflow/horizontal and downflow/horizontal models available.
  • Models range in capacity from 38,000 Btu to 104,500 Btu capacity.

Trane Single-Stage XR95 Prices

This unit is highly rated in gas furnace reviews for affordability. It costs less than some 95% AFUE furnaces because it is a single-stage burner.  You’ll save on equipment costs but won’t get quite the same indoor climate control.  That’s the tradeoff with this model so you’ll have to decide what is more important to you.  Also, in warmer climates where the furnace isn’t used as heavily, a less efficient model will cost less and may make more sense financially.  See our HVAC reviews to compare this model with others you are considering.

38,000 Btu Trane XR95 furnace: $1,399

76,000 Btu Trane XR95 furnace: $1,669

92,000 Btu Trane XR95 furnace: $1,949

104,500 Btu Trane XR95 furnace: $2,269

Trane Single-Stage XR95 Warranty

Trane does well in HVAC reviews for reliability.  The warranty on this model is average for the better gas furnaces on the market.  It is a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchangers and a 10-year parts limited warranty on everything else.

Professional Installation is Recommended

While some handy homeowners want to install this unit in order to save money, we always recommend professional installation.  First, you want to make sure the warranty is in effect and improper installation can void the warranty.  Secondly, professional installers do it every day and have the training and experience to install the furnace, adjust the blower to match the total system requirements including a central air conditioner, and get safety features like wiring, venting and gas line plumbing exactly right. A qualified contractor experienced with the Trane XR95 is your best bet for safety, indoor comfort and long-term durability.

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One thought on “Trane Single-Stage XR95 Gas Furnace Review

  • October 16, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Looking at investing into the xr95 single stage. Can u tell me why the reviews are so poor

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