Dave Lennox Elite Series XC14 Central Air Conditioner Review

Lennox makes a good/better/best product lineup and the Dave Lennox Elite Series XC14 central air conditioner is one of the “better” models.  It offers lower pricing than the Lennox Signature Series and better efficiency than the Merit Series, a good combination for homeowners who want standard performance and a means to control energy costs in their home.  The Lennox XC14 is a single-stage model that is Energy Star rated.  Quality components and materials are used throughout the design and build, so you can be confident this model will be dependable and durable.  In this HVAC reviews post, we look at its top features  before sharing pricing, warranty and performance information.  The top features of this Lennox Elite Series air conditioner include:

  • Up to 16.2 SEER, an Energy Star product.
  • Single-scroll compressor delivers standard, reliable service.
  • Compressor insulation and a sound-control top reduce operating noise to just 70 db.
  • Precisely balanced direct-drive fan is quiet and less prone to wearing out.
  • Models available up to 5 ton capacity.
  • Charged with R-410A that does not contain chlorine so is safer for the ozone layer.
  • Wired for the Lennox Humiditrol system for enhanced humidity control.
  • Heavy-duty steel cabinet is powder-coated for looks and longevity.

Lennox Elite XC14 Central Air Conditioner Prices
This unit is rated above average in central air conditioner reviews for all models in its SEER range, including top of the line products from Lennox, Carrier, Trane, Goodman, etc.  Along with affordable pricing, it makes this unit a good value.  Here are price sample for the XC14.  Prices vary from place to place based on cost of living and dealer discounts, but here are averages based on prices we've noted:

2 ton Lennox Elite Series XC14 16.20 SEER Air Conditioner: $1,449
3 ton Lennox Elite Series XC14 16.20 SEER Air Conditioner: $1,699
4 ton Lennox Elite Series XC14 16.20 SEER Air Conditioner: $1,979
5  ton Lennox Elite Series XC14 16.20 SEER Air Conditioner: $2,399

Dave Lennox Elite Series XC14 Air Conditioner Warranty
The warranty on this model is about average for models in its class, though some carry a 10-year compressor and parts warranty.  The warranty on the XC14 covers the compressor for 10 years but the parts for just 5 years.  If you live in an area with climate extremes and need a work horse machine, you might want to get an extended warranty for this model or step up to a model with a 10-year parts and compressor warranty.

Ensure Efficient and Reliable Operation
We conclude this Dave Lennox Elite Series XC14 Central Air Conditioner review with a reminder that quality installation is important for the operation of any central air conditioner split system.  Less expensive air conditioners are sometimes chosen by homeowners who plan to install the unit themself or have a handyman do it.  HVAC installation is complex however, and most DIY homeowners lack the skills, experience and tools to do it right. An air conditioner that isn't installed correctly won't run as efficiently as it should and is we prone to mechanical failure.  When you save on equipment costs with the Lennox XC14 central air conditioner, it makes sense to make sure you enjoy those savings for many years to come.  Hire a qualified contractor to install this unit and you'll get much better results in the years ahead.

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