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Bryant Preferred Model OVM Oil Furnace Rating


The Bryant Preferred OVM oil furnace is one of the most efficient non-condensing oil furnaces on the market, with 86.6% AFUE.  It’s a variable-speed model, which will improve home comfort, and it comes with a solid warranty and includes quality components with a very good service record.  This unit does well in consumer oil furnace ratings and is worth consideration, even at a higher price point than many oil furnaces. We found a place for it on our Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2013 list.

Our Bryant Preferred model OVM oil furnace ratings review looks at all the key areas you’ll want to know about as you compare this oil furnace with others on your list.

Operating Cost Efficiency Rating [Rating:3/5]

The 86.6% efficiency is very good.  To get much higher, you’d need to choose a very expensive condensing oil furnace that may not be cost-effective for your needs.  This model will help you control fuel costs and should reduce fuel consumption by 20% or more when it replaces on older model.

Feature Rating [Rating:4/5]

The Bryant Preferred OVM furnace shows very good design and build.  Here’s an overview of its features:

  • 86.6% AFUE
  • Riello burner does very well in oil furnace ratings.
  • ECM variable-speed blower motor offers enhanced temperature control and air filtration.
  • Stainless steel and aluminized heat exchanger resists corrosion and is long-lasting.
  • Supports standard controls or Bryant’s Thermidistat which controls humidity when cooling.
  • 4-way multipoise models allow for installation on any level of your home.
  • Compact lowboy models are available for locations where space is tight.
  • 22-gauge steel, powder-coated cabinet is sturdy and rust-resistant.
  • Insulated cabinet and flue baffles produce quieter operation.
  • Capacities available from 77,000 Btu to 154,000 Btu.

Reliability Rating [Rating:3/5]

Bryant products rank in the middle in HVAC ratings of the top brands in the industry.  The Bryant OVM oil furnace is well-built and with ongoing maintenance should provide 17-20 years of service, possibly longer.  Keeping any oil furnace maintained does much to increase its longevity.

Manufacturer's Warranty Rating [Rating:4/5]

While some manufacturers are offering just a 5-year parts warranty, Bryant backs the OVM oil furnace with a 10-year parts limited warranty.  The heat exchanger carries a lifetime limited warranty.  This warranty is above average for oil furnaces.

Overall Rating [Rating:3.5/5]

This is a solid, efficient oil furnace that will keep energy costs under control while keeping your home quite comfortable whether it is heating or working with a central air conditioner.   For reliability and good energy efficiency, the Bryant Preferred OVM oil furnace will deliver.

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