Trane XL20i Heat Pump Cost

Trane has been making quality heating and air conditioning products for generations and their best heat pump, the Trane XL20i heat pump, shows off all they’ve learned in that time.  It packs high efficiency along with excellent performance when matched with a variable-speed air handler – and it really should be matched with a variable-speed blower in order to enjoy its full potential. It will help to create a comfortable home environment with precise control over temperature, humidity and air quality.  It is also hybrid heat compatible which means it can be matched with a gas furnace to offer more versatile heating options in very cold weather.

As you consider heat pumps you’ll want to compare heat pump costs.  Below, you’ll find price samples for equipment and a range of installation costs.  We also offer some bottom-line examples of installed costs for the Trane XLi20 heat pump.  Let’s start by looking at the key features of this Trane heat pump so you’ll know if it is one you’ll want serving your home.

Top features of the Trane XL20i heat pump include the following:

Efficiency Level: 19.0 SEER for air conditioning; 9.0 HSPF for heating.  Energy Star qualified.

Compressor: 2 ClimaTuff scroll compressors offer performance and power in every season.

R-410 Refrigerant: Yes

Warranty: 12-year limited compressor warranty; 10-year parts warranty.  Above average for the industry.

Equipment Features: The 2 compressors provide ample power to heat and cool your home quickly and efficiently.  Hybrid heat compatible. Comfort Link II communications, WeatherGuard top for better air flow and protection, variable speed fan for efficient heat dispersal, CleanEffects purification system is optional.

Trane XL20i Heat Pump Cost Heat Pump Cost Overview

Equipment and installation costs vary for many reasons.  Equipment is often offered at sale prices to induce sales during slow seasons like late summer or early spring.  Installation may be cheaper at these times too, when contractors may not be as busy as they would like to be.  Contractors also base their installation estimates in part on time and materials required, so more difficult or complex installations will cost more.  Here are heat pump costs and installation ranges that will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Trane XL20i Heat Pump Costs

2 ton/24,000 Btu Trane XL20i heat pump: $2,599

2 ton/24,000 Btu Trane XL20i heat pump with 80% AFUE gas furnace and touchscreen thermostat: $5,199

3 ton/36,000 Btu Trane XL20i heat pump: $2,899

3 ton/36,000 Btu Trane XL20i heat pump with 80% AFUE gas furnace and touchscreen thermostat: $5,589

4 ton/48,000 Btu Trane XL20i heat pump with 80% AFUE gas furnace and touchscreen thermostat: $5,979

5 ton/60,000 Btu Trane XL20i heat pump with 80% AFUE gas furnace and touchscreen thermostat: $6,239


Trane XL20i Heat Pump Installation Costs

Heat pump only: $700-$1,200

Heat pump plus air handler or gas furnace: 1,400-$2,800


Average Installed Costs

3 ton Trane XL20i heat pump installed: $4,000

3 ton Trane XL20i heat pump with 80% gas furnace and touchscreen thermostat installed: $6,800


Be Choosy with your Installer as Well as your Equipment

Poor-quality installation can rob any heat pump or HVAC system of efficiency, performance and durability.  When you invest in a top of the line system that includes the Trane XL20i heat pump you will want to make sure you get the greatest benefit from it for the longest period of time.  Hire an experienced, qualified contractor for the work who has the training, experience and skill to properly install the system as well as make the needed adjustments for optimal operation.  When you are comparing HVAC prices be sure to compare HVAC companies with just as much care.


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