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Trane XL14c Gas Pack Review

The Trane XL Series is Trane's top line of gas/electric package series and the Trane XL14c gas pack is the second-most efficient model in the line.  It combines 14.25 SEER cooling with 80% AFUE heating and is a popular model in moderate climates.  In very warm climates, choosing a gas/electric package system with a higher SEER rating will be more cost effective over time. The Trane XL14c gas pack is designed for residential and light commercial use, with rooftop installation an option.  In this Trane XL14c gas pack review we offer pricing, warranty and installation information, but we begin with a summary of the top features of the XL14c gas/electric system.

  • 14.25 SEER cooling; 80% AFUE heating.
  • Single-stage Duratuff compressor.
  • Aluminum spine fin coil resists corrosion and offers better heat transfer and air flow.
  • Comfort-R technology enhances dehumidification when cooling.
  • 2-stage gas heat offers more balanced heating.
  • Variable-speed Vortical blower improves performance and air filtration.
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger for increased longevity.
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel cabinet is powder-coated for appearance and durability.
  • Louvered sides and Weather Beater top protect internal components better.
  • 6  models offered from 2 ton to 5 ton capacity.

Trane XL14c Gas Pack Prices
This is an affordable system, competitively priced with other gas packs in the 14+ SEER range.  Here are several gas pack prices for the XL14c.
2 ton Trane XL14c gas pack: $3,199
3 ton Trane XL14c gas pack: $3,349
4 ton Trane XL14c gas pack: $3,679

Trane XL14c Gas Pack Warranty
The warranty on the Trane XL14c is good, though the 5-year parts warranty may be of some concern.  Many gas packs offer a 10-year parts warranty.  Here is the warranty package for this model: 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty; 10-year compressor and coil limited warranties; 5-year parts limited warranty.  Optional extended warranties are available on this Trane gas/electric package unit.

Ensure Dependable Service
The best way to get the most reliable, long-term service from the Trane XL14c gas pack is to make sure that it is properly installed.  A poorly installed gas pack will lose energy efficiency and may also be prone to mechanical failure.  Hiring an experienced, qualified contractor to install it will produce more efficient and durable results in the years to come.

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