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Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2011

Thanks for taking moment to look at the Top Rated Oil Furnace 2011 Guide!  We think it will help you make a good decision on which oil furnace is right for you.  Oil furnace technology keeps evolving and today’s models are exceptional for their energy efficiency and their clean-burning operation.  They offer precise comfort control with features that include variable speed motors, state of the art burners, and very quiet operation.

In this guide to the Top Rated Oil Furnace for 2011, we offer 5 models that are loaded with quality components that will help you control energy costs while maintaining a very comfortable home climate.  The manufacturers are all names you know, with proven track records of quality and dependability.  They have made the best oil furnaces for generations and they continue to innovate for better quality and efficiency.  All of the top oil furnaces for 2011 are outstanding.  Which one is right for you might be simply a matter of personal preference or installation requirement.  Here they are.

1.  Ruud ROCA Highboy Series Oil Furnace

This oil furnace from highly-respected Rheem is versatile and efficient. It offers easy installation in a number of configurations and has a fuel efficiency rating of 85.9%.  That AFUE is achieved with the use of 2 heavy-gauge heat exchangers that capture more heat with less waste.  Ruud makes these furnaces with both Beckett and Riello burners, without question the best 2 brands in the business.  The Honeywell controls are proven and precise.  For your convenience, front clean-out ports make maintenance much easier than in many oil furnaces on the market.

The Ruud ROCA Highboy offers something else that sets it apart – it is hybrid compatible for those homeowners who want to pair it with a heat pump.  That’s a good choice in any climate, giving you options for using the energy source that makes the most sense given fuel prices and weather conditions.  Whether you use a heat pump or a central air conditioner, the quality ECM controls are compatible with 2-stage operation for energy savings and performance.  Ruud has pulled out all the stop to build the best oil furnace currently available.

2. Bryant Preferred Model OVL Oil Furnace

Homeowners looking for high efficiency and outstanding reliability have made the Bryant Preferred OVL oil furnace a best seller. It delivers 86.6% AFUE and will reduce heating costs by 25% or more in most homes where it replace an older oil furnace.  Top of the line components include GE controls, the top-performing Riello burner, a multi-speed ECM blower and the aluminized secondary heat exchanger.  The results are very efficient operation and performance that lets you tailor your home’s comfort to your exact specifications.

The variable-speed blower is an asset for air conditioning as well when you choose a compatible condensing unit.  The 22-gauge galvanized cabinet is insulated to keep in conditioned air and it also reduces noise in conjunction with the Bryant flue silencer.  For dependability and efficiency in all 4 seasons, the Bryant Preferred Model OVL is unsurpassed in today’s crowded oil furnace field.

3. American Standard Platinum XV Oil Furnace Freedom 80 Comfort-R Variable-Speed Oil Furnace

Within the HVAC industry, American Standard has a stellar reputation for quality design and build.  This oil furnace is their top of the line and only enhances their reputation.  There’s plenty to like here.  It employs a variable-speed blower and the Comfort-R system to produce a high-quality indoor climate 12 months of the year.  It will make your heating and your air conditioning more effective, more balanced and quieter in every season.  This unit also offers a fun option for tech-smart consumers – the ability to program the system remotely using your smart phone!

4. Dave Lennox Signature Collection Model Number 023V Oil Furnace

The Lennox Signature Line is the best they offer, and this one doesn’t disappoint.  Here’s why – it offers a quality Beckett burner, an aluminum silica combustion box for outstanding durability, and a heavy-duty fuel pump that is built to last.  Lennox SilentComfort reduces operating noise so you only know it’s running by the comfort level you experience.  The variable-speed blower makes heating and air conditioning more precise, with a virtual elimination of temperature fluctuations in every season.  The 83% efficiency will help you keep energy costs under control too!

5. Carrier Performance model OVL Oil Furnace

This is one of the most efficient oil furnaces available, with 86.6% efficiency.  Compared with most oil furnaces it replaces, that represents a 15% to 25% reduction in fuel costs.  This furnace will start paying for itself immediately.  The multi-speed ECM blower gives you more precise control over every aspect of your home’s indoor climate: temperature, humidity, ventilation and air filtration or purification.  With a Riello or Beckett burner, aluminized secondary heat exchanger and quality in every component, this furnace could easily be number one on anyone’s list.


We review all of the top oil furnaces on the market and we know quality, reliability, durability and value when we see it.  These 5 get high marks in all of these categories in our oil furnace reviews.  You won’t go wrong with any of them.  Be sure to have it installed by a professional in order to get the best long-term efficiency, functionality and longevity.  A properly installed oil furnace, like all HVAC components, will give you peak performance with fewer repair issues in the years ahead.  Choose a qualified contractor for installation and get the most from you quality oil furnace.  We hope this Top Rated Oil Furnace Guide will give you a good start in your search for the right choice for your home.

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