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Top Rated Gas Pack Units 2011

In this article we offer our Top Rated Gas Pack Units 2011 guide to give you insight into today’s leading gas packs for you to consider.  As you probably know, gas packs use furnace-type gas burners to produce heat as well as a condensing unit for air conditioning.  They are a popular choice for commercial buildings but many homeowners choose them when their home has no basement or for other reasons has space limitations.

Many homeowners choose gas packs because they are very quiet – since no components are in the house.  They may also offer lower installation costs because they are easier to install than split systems.  As you consider a gas pack for your home or commercial building, here is our list of Top Rated Gas Pack Units for 2011.

1. Trane XL16c Gas Pack

Trane is one of the most respected names in the HVAC industry. Their products like the Trane XL16c gas pack are backed with years of innovation and quality.  This unit delivers excellent performance and good efficiency that will keep energy costs down for any consumer.

Quality features begin with the Energy Star-rated 16.6 SEER and 80% AFUE.  The 2-stage ClimaTuff compressor is highly rated in independent gas pack reviews.  The multi-speed Vortica blower gives you better control over indoor climate in every season.  Stainless steel heat exchanger and burner stand up to the elements and resist corrosion.  Trane’s well-respected Comfort-R technology reduces humidity in air conditioner mode.  The robust warranty offers limited lifetime coverage on the heat exchanger, 12-year limited coverage on the compressor, and 10 years on all other parts.  This is a top of the line model from Trane that will meet your high expectations.


2. Carrier Infinity Series 48XL Gas Pack

The 15 SEER/81% AFUE efficiency is very respectable for all seasons.  When this model replaces an older gas pack it may reduce operation costs by as much as 35% or more.  The 2-stage scroll compressor offers quieter operation most of the time, yet has the energy to significantly boost cooling when needed.  The high-pressure and loss of charge switches offer better system protection.  A variable-speed blower combined with the Carrier Infinity or Thermidistat controllers allow you to customize your indoor climate settings with precision.  The Carrier Ideal Humidity System enhances humidity control and improves year-round air quality.

The heat exchanger and other key parts are made from stainless steel to provide longevity and continued performance.  Competitive pricing makes the Carrier Infinity Series 48XL gas pack worth considering.


3. American Standard Platinum Series ZM Gas Pack

This is American Standard’s best.  It is loaded with features to make it a top choice for homeowners and commercial building owners.  Its 16.6 SEER is one of the top efficiencies on the market.  The 2-stage operation and variable-speed motor allow you to customize indoor climate more easily.  The Duration compressor is often cited in gas pack reviews by consumers and testers for its quiet, reliable performance.  The American Standard Platinum Series ZM also uses the Vortica blower that is proven dependable and efficient.  The spine-fin coil effectively transfers heat for faster cooling.  This is a well-rounded gas pack for those who want the highest quality available.


4. Goodman 15 SEER GPG15 Gas Pack

Goodman doesn’t have the years of experience other manufacturers do, but they are making a name for themselves with quality products backed by excellent warranties. They are inviting new customers to give them a try, and more often than not, expectations are met or exceeded.

The Goodman 15 SEER GPG15 gas pack uses direct-spark ignition which offers better reliability.  The single-stage scroll compressor and single-speed blower motor contribute to the affordability of this well-made gas packaged unit.  Lower equipment cost is combined with very respectable performance to give consumers excellent value.


5. Lennox Signature Collection 15GCSX Gas Pack

Lennox has a reputation for consistent quality that pervades their entire lineup of HVAC equipment. You’ll find it in this durable and efficient gas pack that is a good choice of any residential or light-commercial building.  The 15 SEER performance will help keep energy costs under control in any setting.

A 2-stage compressor along with a variable-speed blower creates balanced temperatures and a consistently comfortable climate in all weather conditions.  The stainless, tubular heat exchanger and durable scroll compressor will provide years of reliable service.  Add the optional Advanced Air Purification system when air quality must be of the highest caliber. Whether or not you’ve used Lennox equipment in the past, the Lennox Signature Collection 15GCSX will impress you.


These 5 gas packs represent the industry’s best.  They offer quality, efficiency and reliability.  Home and business owners appreciate their quiet operation.  They virtually eliminate indoor noise from operation.  They work very well in homes, daycares, churches, clinics, senior living centers, assisted care facilities, retail locations, restaurants, and other venues where indoor climate control and sound control are extremely important.

Begin your search for your next gas pack with our Top Gas Packs 2011 guide and you’ll likely find one that meets your needs very well.  When you do select a gas pack, it makes sense to protect your investment with quality installation by a qualified contractor.  Incorrect installation can greatly diminish an HVAC system’s performance, robbing it of both efficiency and longevity.  Professional installation by experienced HVAC technicians will give your system the efficiency you want, with fewer repairs and system failures in the years ahead.

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3 thoughts on “Top Rated Gas Pack Units 2011

  • September 2, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    i find it hard to digest you would put a trane gas pack on top or a american standard made by trane , after 37 years in this business i can tell you you are not correct , theses gas pack are porley designed and cost the customer in the long run muuc more in service and repair than any unit on the market, the failure rate that i have seen is much more than even the goodman , i would suggest anyone reading this article , understand trane has a great deal of advertising money and this is a prime examble of buying a rating; if you really want something to last with ease of parts and ease of service, the systems that would give you al;l you ask for a a good price are yorks or goodmans gmc, you wont buy a better unit than YORKS 15 SEER GAS PACK OR THE HEATPUMPS, goodluck with your choice i know mine

  • September 4, 2011 at 12:09 pm


    I appreciate your comment. I have heard similar things from other people in regards to Goodman units, mostly from people that are deeply within the HVAC industry. My problem is that I haven’t seen these predictions come to fruition. For this reason we rate the Goodmans and Yorks lower on our scale. Trane, Lennox and American Standard continue to get high ratings from consumers we talk to. The high rated Carrier seems to get the most complaints of the generally highly rated brands.

  • March 20, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    I’ve had nothing but trouble from the Trane unit the local service installed. The compressor keeps going out and the unit is extremely noisey! I would love to have back my old Carrier that was replaced. Never again will I own a Trane product that has a plate installed saying “Made in Mexico”.

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