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Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2011

This is our Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2011 Guide in which we share the best gas furnaces currently available in 3 different efficiency categories.  Part of our purpose at is to provide our readers with quality reviews and information so that they can choose a furnace that makes the most sense for their home and family.  An educated consumer is more likely to make a choice that he or she is satisfied with in the years to come.

This guide will help you match your needs to the best gas furnaces available.  If you live in a warm climate and don’t rely heavily on your furnace, a standard-efficiency model may serve your purposes.  If you live in a cold climate, then a high-efficiency model will pay for itself in 3-6 years by lowering energy bills.  If you enjoy precise climate control when heating or running an attached air conditioner, then a variable-speed blower is essential.  Also keep in mind your budget and the length of time you plan to live in the home when making your purchasing decision.  These are the factors that will help you select the gas furnace for you.  This Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2011 Guide will point you in the right direction.

Standard Efficiency Furnaces: 80% AFUE

High Efficiency Furnaces: 90% to 95% AFUE

Very High Efficiency Furnaces: Above 95% AFUE

AFUE stands for Annualized Fuel Efficiency and gives the percentage of created heat that actually goes into your home.  An 80% AFUE furnace will lose 20% of its heat out the flue; a 95% AFUE furnace will lose just 5%.  Prices tend to follow the AFUE rating, with the most efficient furnaces costing the most, primarily because they have a secondary heat exchanger to capture more heat.  Keep in mind, of course, that the higher the efficiency, the lower your energy costs will be.


Top Very High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

1. Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace

Lennox has long been one of the leading brands in the HVAC industry and products like the Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace keep them at or near the top.  This is Lennox’s best all-around furnace, combining ultra-high 98.2% AFUE with a variable-speed blower for enhanced comfort in every season.

Top Features of the Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace

Besides very high efficiency, this flagship furnace offers PerfectHeat 2-stage operation and PerfectHumidity control, systems that produce balanced heating and air conditioning with better humidity control and air filtration.

Who Should Consider the Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V Gas Furnace?

Homeowners in cooler climates who expect a lot from their gas furnace will get it with this Lennox.  It’s built to produce greater year-round comfort in any home.  This is also attractive for anyone who wants to reduce carbon emissions with a very high-efficiency gas furnace.

Other Top Very High Efficiency Furnaces to Compare and Consider

2. Bryant Evolution Series Plus 90i Gas Furnace

Bryant quality is found throughout this gas furnace that achieves 96.6% efficiency.  Two heat exchangers capture more heat and reduce energy consumption.  2-stage heating and the FanOnPlus produce unsurpassed indoor comfort.

3. York Affinity Series Model 9.C Gas Furnace

York is known for making HVAC products that are packed with leading edge technology and the most efficient components in the industry.  This York gas furnace offers outstanding 98% AFUE with a modulating gas burner that rises in 1% increments and a variable-speed blower.  It offers the most precise temperature control you can find from a gas furnace today.  It’s expensive, but for those who want a furnace that can produce the finest indoor climate, this model should be considered.

4. Trane Two-Stage XV95 Gas Furnace

This well-designed Trane furnace delivers up to 96.7% AFUE which is sure to lower energy bills in your home.  The 2-stage burner is an energy-miser and assists the variable-speed blower in tailoring your home’s climate to your exact specifications.  The aluminized heat exchanger is efficient and very durable.


Top High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

1. Goodman Multi-Position, Variable Speed, 95% AFUE — GMVC95 Gas Furnace

Goodman has built a very credible reputation by offering high-quality products that perform very well.  This one meets those criterion, plus it is backed by one of the best warranties in the business and has a very affordable price.

Top Features of the Goodman GMVC95 Gas Furnace

This Energy Star furnace uses a 2-stage gas valve that conserves energy when the heat in the home is being maintained.  It opens fully when a boost in heat is called for.  The variable-speed motor enhances climate control when heating or when used with a central air conditioner.  At 95% efficiency, just 5% of heat is lost.  There’s a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 10-year limited warranty on all other parts.

Who Should Consider the Goodman GMVC95 Gas Furnace?

This is a very good choice in moderate to cold climates where a workhorse furnace is required.  It has the quality components for heavy use and the fuel efficiency that will reduce energy costs dramatically when it replaces an older gas furnace.  The price of this gas furnace also makes it a good value.


Other Top High Efficiency Gas Furnaces to Compare and Consider

2. Lennox Merit Series ML193 Gas Furnace

Another Energy Star furnace, this one offers 93% AFUE and a stainless steel heat exchanger for excellent durability.  This is Lennox’s base model, and its’ high efficiency comes at an excellent price.  It comes with a 20-year limited heat exchanger warranty and 5 years on everything else.

3. Aire Flo CG95 Model CG95TB040D12B Gas Furnace

The 95% efficiency will reduce heating bills by as much as 35% or more in many homes.  The aluminized steel heat exchanger and durable hot surface igniter are built for durability.  The variable-speed blower offers excellent indoor comfort in all seasons.


4. Carrier Comfort 92 Gas Furnace

This gas furnace is what you expect from a Carrier – reliable, efficient, and quiet and backed by a very good warranty.  The SerpenTuff heat exchanger transfers up to 95% of the created heat into your home, producing reduced energy costs.  The ComfortFan technology reduces operating noise while delivering better air flow.


Top Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces

1. Amana AMH8 TwinComfort, Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

This 80% AFUE gas furnace delivers a good blend of standard efficiency and performance features that will help make your home more comfortable when heating or using with a central air conditioner.  Amana also does a great job making their quality gas furnaces affordable to their customers.  Let’s take a closer look.

Top Features of the Amana AMH8 TwinComfort, Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

Performance begins with a 2-stage gas valve and a multi-stage blower that starts slow to prevent initial blasts of untreated air.  You won’t get a stream of cool air while waiting for the furnace to heat up.  The patented tubular MillionAir heat exchanger is crafted from stainless steel to optimize heat transfer and minimize wear and corrosion.  The multi-speed blower and the Auto-comfort mode will help you control indoor climate in all seasons.  The Amana AMH8 TwinComfort gas furnace is backed by a very good warranty.  Amana will replace the furnace if the heat exchanger fails in the first 10 years.  The heat exchanger is covered with a limited lifetime warranty and all other parts have a 10-year limited warranty.

Who Should Consider the Amana AMH8 TwinComfort, Multi-Speed Gas Furnace?

This is an ideal gas furnace for homeowners in warmer climates who want precise control over indoor climate but don’t need a high-efficiency furnace.  It has a lower price tag than a high or very high efficiency furnace yet is equipped with a variable-speed blower that helps balance heating and air conditioning as well as providing enhanced humidity control and better air quality.

Other Top Standard Efficiency Gas Furnaces to Compare and Consider

2. American Standard Silver XI Freedom 80 High Efficiency Single Stage Furnace

This furnace has a single-stage gas valve for lower equipment costs and a variable-speed blower for better climate control.  American Standard has a very good service record and their units do well in gas furnace reviews.  A 10-year limited warranty covers everything.

3. Rheem Classic Plus Series Super Quiet 80 Downflow RGLT Gas Furnace

This is a very good choice for attic installation.  It features a patented heat exchanger made from aluminized steel that resists corrosion while effectively transferring heat.  The low-profile, compact design makes installation much easier.

4. Goodman Multi-Position — GME8 Gas Furnace

This durable gas furnace has a 2-stage gas valve for quiet, efficient heating.  The dual-diameter heat exchanger offers excellent durability and is backed by a lifetime limited warranty, including furnace replacement if it fails in the first 10 years.  This is a rock-solid, reliable furnace.


Which gas furnace is right for you?  Use the factors we discussed above to pick out several to compare and consider.  And when you do find the best gas furnace for your home, it makes sense to have an HVAC professional install it.  Only a qualified contractor has the training, skill, and the daily experience to install and tune your furnace and other HVAC components.  Proper installation is a major key to getting top performance and longevity from the furnace you choose for your home.

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