Payne PH15NB Heat Pump Cost 15 SEER R-410A

Payne focuses on making a limited line of heating and air conditioning products like the Payne PH15NB Heat Pump.  They put their attention into getting it right.  The result is a dependable heat pump made with quality components.  The Payne PH15NB heat pump is also one of the most affordable models in its class.  With a 15 SEER rating, it is a very good choice in moderate climates where dependability is more important than very high efficiency.  Still, with 15 Seer performance, this model may reduce heating and air conditioning costs by up to 40% when it replaces a 10-15 year old heat pump in your home.  It is also dual-fuel compatible, also known as hybrid heat compatible.  This means it can be paired with a gas furnace instead of an air handler to provide heating options.

Next we’ll look at the important features of the Payne PH15NB Heat Pump Cost 15 SEER R-410A, and then we’ll offer pricing information for both equipment and installation.  Here are the features to consider as you compare heat pump costs and models.

Efficiency Level: 15 SEER air conditioning; 8.2 HSPF heating.

Compressor: Single-stage, scroll compressor is efficient and quiet.

R-410 Refrigerant: Yes

Warranty: 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and all parts.  Average for the industry.

Equipment Features: Hybrid heat capability. Upgraded fan motor is quiet and efficient. Reinforced steel grill offers outstanding protection. Models available from 1.5 ton to 5.0 ton. Galvanized, powder-coated cabinet.


Payne PH15NB Heat Pump Cost 15 SEER R-410A Overview

HVAC costs are affected by many things.  The cost of living in your area will play a part.  The time of year will affect the cost too, because both equipment and installation are less expensive in the offseason, when heating and air conditioning contractors are less busy.  Installation costs fluctuate with the difficulty or complexity of the job as well, since contractors base their estimates in part on the time and materials required.  Here are sample prices and ranges that will give you a rough idea of what you should expect.

Payne PH15NB Heat Pump Costs

2 ton/24,000 Btu Payne PH15NB heat pump: $1,539

2.5 ton/30,000 Btu Payne PH15NB heat pump split system with air handler: $2,600

3 ton/36,000 Btu Payne PH15NB heat pump split system with air handler: $2,400

3.5 ton/42,000 Btu Payne PH15NB heat pump: $1,839

4 ton/48,000 Btu Payne PH15NB heat pump split system w/ air handler and 20Kw heat strip: $3,200

5 ton/60,000 Btu Payne PH15NB heat pump: $1,939


Payne PH15NB Heat Pump Installation Costs

Heat pump only: $700-$1,200

Heat pump plus air handler or gas furnace: 1,400-$2,500


Average Installed Costs

3 ton Payne PH15NB heat pump installed: $2,600

3 ton Payne PH15NB heat pump split system with air handler installed: $4,500


Choose your Installer Carefully

If you’ve been comparing heat pumps costs on our site then you know that the Payne PH15NB Heat Pump 15 SEER R-410A is very affordable, one of the best values on the market.  You’ll save on equipment costs with this model.  To save on energy costs and maintenance as well, hire a heating and air conditioning professional for the installation.  A properly installed heat pump or split system will run at peak efficiency and have fewer repair issues in the years ahead.  A qualified contractor will have the skills and equipment to do the job correctly, ensuring proper operation of the heat pump or entire system.  Quality installation pays for itself over the life of the system.

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