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If you have read this site often you will most likely roll your eyes when you hear this, but back in the day we used to be a wholesale HVAC company.  We would find ways to get a large supply of HVAC equipment at great prices, turn around and then sell them to end consumers for installation in their homes.  And it worked great until we lost our supplier!  Not good for us, but there are several people that do that exact thing today and should be at least considered when you are looking to buy a Trane heat pump for your house.  Usually there are not a ton of Trane systems available for wholesale prices, but it never hurts to spend 15 minutes looking online.

Trane has built one heck of a name in the HVAC world.  Their products are well known to be high quality in terms of components as well as longevity.  A great choice for your home.  Their heat pump line is full of great products that meet any of your efficiency targets, including units up to 18 SEER.  For anyone that has a heat pump unit that is more than a decade old the energy savings can be quite impressive, especially if you live in the southern part of the United States.

Can I buy Trane heat pumps online for wholesale prices?

The most common question people have when they get online looking for a wholesale unit is where can I find wholesale heat pumps?  Either online or elsewhere.  The key thing to remember is that true wholesale is meant for suppliers and corporations, not end users.  However, that doesn't mean  you can find a great price online for your HVAC purchases.  As a general rule you won't be able to find a single source for all of your HVAC needs, but if you type in ebay.com into your browser you can often find a seller that has a great deal on the specific model you are looking for.

Now one thing I always make sure to mention to people is that the installation of any HVAC system is paramount to its success.  If you go to craigslist.org and find a local guy to install it you likely will save money on the installation itself.  However, you are going to pay for it in the long run.  Nothing saps the efficiency faster than a poor installation.  For that reason I always recommend getting 3 quotes from qualified contractors to use as a baseline.

With all that said, check out some great deals available right now on Trane heat pump units on Ebay:
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If you need to find some more information on Trane heat pump units or want a second or third opinion on their full line of offerings, please see our listing of Trane heat pump reviews shown below:

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