Payne PA16NA Central Air Conditioner Review 16 SEER R-410A

Payne makes 2 basic air conditioner models, a 13 SEER model and the Payne PA16NA 16 SEER model.  Keeping it simple has allowed Payne to produce a quality product that is getting high marks in central air conditioner reviews.  It is efficient, quiet and affordable, and is showing good durability in the few years it has been available.  Since it offers middle of the road efficiency and good affordability, the Payne PA16NA 16 is selling well in all climates.  Here is our Payne PA16NA central air conditioner review 16 SEER R-410A for this model.

Key Features of the Payne PA16NA

  • 16 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.
  • Tax Credit / Energy Star qualified.
  • Durable scroll compressor is quiet and offers good durability.
  • Pressure switches protect compressor operation.
  • R-410A refrigerant is environmentally responsible.
  • Coil guard offers enhanced protection.
  • Easy-access wiring and connections reduce installation time and make maintenance and repair easier.
  • Quiet, low maintenance fan motor is efficient and permanently lubricated.
  • Heavy-duty steel cabinet offers better protection to internal components.
  • Cabinet is coated with industrial powder-paint to resist corrosion, chips and fading.

Payne PA16NA Central Air Conditioner Prices

This model can be found at wholesale HVAC prices from online vendors on eBay.  We’ve surveyed the marketplace and can report these representative prices for this model by itself or in split systems.

2.5 ton Payne PA16NA air conditioner: $1,399

3.0 ton Payne PA16NA air conditioner: $1,429

3.5 ton Payne PA16NA air conditioner: $1,539

3.0 ton Payne PA16NA split system with coil and air handler: $2,059

3.5 ton Payne PA16NA split system with coil and air handler: $2,199

5.0 ton Payne PA16NA split system with coil and air handler: $2,599

Payne PA16NA Central Air Conditioner Warranty

Payne’s warranty is about average for the industry.  It is a 10-year limited warranty that covers the compressor and all functional parts.  Be sure to register your product within 30 days to guarantee the warranty is in place.

Get the Best from your Payne Air Conditioner with Quality Installation

In order to perform up to its potential, like any HVAC component, the Payne PA16NA central air conditioner needs to be correctly installed.  A qualified contractor will set the unit, connect wiring and refrigerant lines, install the coil and/or air handler and much more.  This process takes a set of unique skills, as well as tools and equipment, which most of us don’t possess.  Let a pro do it and get the energy savings and durability you expect from this quality air conditioner.

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