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Payne is a stalwart in the HVAC equipment world, and that is also the same in the central air conditioner realm.  Payne likes to keep things simple when it comes to HVAC units (which is a seemingly paramount feat given the oodles of models available from just about every HVAC company) and offers 2 central air conditioner models.  When it comes to AC units, all that really separates most units is the SEER rating of the unit, which comes back to how much energy the unit uses when it cools your house.  The thing with AC efficiency is that the installation makes all the difference.  Here at webhvac.com we suggest using a qualified contractor to install all of your HVAC, and that includes your central air conditioning system.

Can I buy Payne central air conditioners wholesale online?

As discussed many times on this site we used to offer this exact type of hvac pricing for our customers.  We would buy 150-250 units from our supplier at a steep discount and then turn around and sell the units direct to customers on Ebay.  While our relationship has ended with our supplier, there are several others who offer wholesale hvac pricing online and allows for end users to find great deals on their ac units on Ebay.  In fact, here is a listing of great deals available right now on Ebay for Payne central AC units:

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Things to consider before purchasing your cheap priced AC system is whether it is a new or used unit.  If you want to have the warranty intact when you purchase the unit online it is imperative to know whether it is a brand new unit.  A refurbished AC system or a used system that has been cleaned up may have a great price, but the warranty will not come with that unit.  If that is important to you then you need to ensure that the unit is new.  Payne has honored the warranties of units purchased online from our experience (as opposed to Carrier which has been on record at times that they will NOT honor the warranty for those purchased online), but it still helps to make sure with your buyer.

For more information on specific Payne air conditioner models please see one of our following hvac reviews:

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  1. peter shaw says:

    Ebay is a good site. Do you guys know any other sites you can buy whole sale?

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