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Wholesale American Standard central air conditioners

American Standard is one of the foremost companies in the HVAC realm.  Their quality reputation proceeds them and they have been successfully servicing customers with their HVAC equipment for many years.  Their air conditioning line includes a lineup not that dissimilar to many of their competitors, ranging in SEER rating from 13 to 20 SEER units.  Like all HVAC units, the air conditioners are a bit on the spendy side of the home ownership spectrum and therefore finding a deal on an AC unit is often something that the thrifty homeowner will strive for.  When it comes time to lay down your hard earned money, finding American Standard air conditioning units at wholesale prices can go a long ways to keeping your budget in check.

Can I buy American Standard central air conditioners wholesale online?

As has been alluded to several times we used to do this exact thing at this site.  We'd buy up a large array of HVAC equipment from our supplier for great prices, mark them up slightly and offer them for great prices much below HVAC retail cost to the end users.  Sure this meant that they were on the hook for finding a qualified contractor to install the system, but the savings were well worth the effort.  While our supplier ended that relationship a few years back, there are several other companies that do the exact same thing still today.  In fact, here is a listing of some of the great deals to be found on wholesale priced American Standard AC units right now:

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Before you buy, please make sure to remember that you get what you pay for to some degree.  If the deal is that crazy good, there may be a good reason for it.  Make sure that the unit is not a refurbished unit (unless you are ok with a discount AC system in lieu of the factory warranty) and used AC units that are cleaned up to look nice.  If they are new units and not refurbished you most likely will have a unit that will come with the full warranty and benefits that you would get if you went with a local contractor.  Just be sure that when it is put in your home it is done correctly.  The dirty secret in the HVAC world is that the installation really makes a key difference in how your unit performs and how long it lasts.

For more information on specific American Standard air conditioner mdoels please see one of our following hvac reviews:

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2 thoughts on “Wholesale American Standard central air conditioners

  • May 19, 2011 at 11:47 am

    I think this is good information about wholesale AC units. I never really thought about the hook up, but I can see how it could effect the lifetime of the unit.

  • January 9, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    PLEASE BE AWARE! If you purchase any of the major brand heat pumps or ac, split or packaged, off the internet, you will have NO WARRANTY! There are companies that pitch the “10 Year ALL Parts Warranty” but units purchased off the internet have NO WARRANTY! Ask for a copy of the warranty form BEFORE you purchase!

    I work for an HVAC company in Hernando County, FL and EVERY warranty I have personally seen from Goodman, American Standard, Rheem, Nordyne, Trane, Tempstar, ICP, etc. have a disclaimer in their warranty (that comes inside each unit): “NO WARRANTY FOR UNITS PURCHASED OFF THE INTERNET” !!! PLUS the units have to be installed by a licensed hvac contractor!

    Our techs have been on soooo many calls to repair what a “friend of a friend” did to someone’s new (internet) unit they installed! If someone doesn’t wire the things up properly they can damage the new equipment. And what guarantee will you have if the unit you are buying doesn’t work properly after it’s delivered and installed? How will you get your money back if you do not have a reputable local company backing the equipment AND the installation? You might as well buy a new truck from these folks that set up a tent in a local field at the outskirts of your town! Where are THEY gonna be tomorrow when you break down? Respectfully submitted ~marilee

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