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Trane Two-Stage XV95 Gas Furnace Review

Homeowners looking to optimize fuel efficiency while also enjoying premium heating features will want to consider the Trane Two-Stage XV95 gas furnace.  High AFUE and 2-stage heating are just 2 of the advantages this furnace offers.  For the details, here’s our entire Trane Two-Stage XV95 Gas Furnace Review, part of our HVAC reviews series.

Key Features of the Trane Two-Stage XV95 Furnace

  • Up to 96.7 AFUE makes this Energy Star furnace eligible for the federal energy efficiency tax credit.
  • 2-stage heating conserves fuel by only running on high when a significant heat boost is called for.
  • Variable speed fan motor produces quieter, more balanced and comfortable heating.
  • Comfort-R mode available for enhanced dehumidification when cooling.
  • Cabinet is constructed from heavy steel and powder-coated for durability and appearance.
  • Dependable silicon nitride igniter and in-shot burners for efficiency and reliability.
  • Heat exchanger is aluminized steel for efficiency and longevity.
  • Secondary stainless steel heat exchanger maximizes efficiency to 96.7%.
  • Insulated cabinet reduces noise and heat loss.
  • Equipped to accept ERV, CleanEffects electronic air cleaner and compatible humidifiers.
  • 4 sizes available at approximately 60,000, 80,000, 100,000 and 120,000 Btu’s.
  • Highly rated in independent gas furnace reviews for efficiency and performance.

Trane Two-Stage XV95 Gas Furnace Prices

Our research has uncovered this quality furnace offered online at these prices

Trane Two-Stage XV95 60,000 Btu / 2 ton gas furnace: $2,379

Trane Two-Stage XV95 80,000 Btu / 3 ton gas furnace: $2,399

There’s only a slight difference in prices because the size of the burner makes little difference to the manufacturer’s costs.  Furnace costs vary much more based on efficiency technology and other performance features.

Trane Two-Stage XV95 Gas Furnace Warranty

Each Trane furnace is covered by a 20-year limited warranty of the primary and secondary heat exchangers and a 10-year warranty on everything else.  Simply be sure to have a professional heating specialist install the unit and register your product within 60 days.

Insure 96.7% Efficiency with Professional Installation

It takes a specialized set of skills as well as tools to install and set up the Trane XV95 – or any gas furnace—to achieve maximum efficiency.  Adjustments to gas and air flow, venting specs and other factors must all come together to guarantee peak performance.  Plus, safe operation that is free of potential gas or carbon monoxide leaks and wiring problems are best assured when a qualified contractor handles the work.  Get the best fuel savings and the safest, most durable performance by hiring a heating professional for your installation.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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