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Payne PG8JEA Gas Furnace Review 80% AFUE

Those of you who live in California’s Low-NOx air quality management districts will want to take a look at the Payne PG8JEA furnace, highly rated in HVAC reviews for its ability to heat efficiently, durably and reduce greenhouse gas emissions wherever it is installed.  Here’s our Payne PG8JEA Gas Furnace Review 80% AFUE we hope will provide you with the information you need to decide if this is the model you’re looking for.

Key Features of the Payne PG8JEA Gas Furnace

  • Up to 80% AFUE for good energy conservation.
  • Uses Payne’s Control Logic platform to boost the SEER rating of matched cooling components.
  • Meets California’s Low-NOx standards.
  • Variable speed motor ensures balanced heating and quieter overall operation.
  • Dehumidification mode can be selected for continuous fan on low speed, with humidistat/thermostats.
  • Control furnace cycles with adjustable heat rise option.
  • Patented 4-pass heat exchanger for optimal efficiency.
  • Multi-poise design with 13 venting options.
  • Hot surface igniter is durable and dependable.
  • Various sizes from 45,000 Btu to 135,000 Btu.
  • Can be combined with heat pumps for dual fuel use.
  • Soft-mounted inducer motor reduces vibration and noise and extends longevity.

Payne PG8JEA Gas Furnace Prices

These reliable furnaces come in a variety of sizes that are some of the most affordable values on the market today.  In our research, we discovered that the Low-NOx compatible technology added very little to the cost of the units.

Payne PG8JEA 45,000 gas furnace: $1,239

Payne PG8JEA 90,000 gas furnace: $1,329

Payne PG8JEA 135,000 gas furnace: $1,479

Payne PG8JEA 80% AFUE Gas Furnace Warranty

Payne stands behind this furnace with one of the industry’s best warranties.  The heat exchanger is covered for 20 years and all other parts are backed with a 10-year limited warranty.  Register your furnace within 60 days and have it professionally installed to guarantee your warranty will be honored if needed.

Choose Quality Installation and Maximize Savings

Not only will choosing a qualified contractor validate your warranty, but most independent gas furnace reviews emphasize the importance of professional installation for achieving the highest efficiencies your unit is capable of.  This is even more important if your Payne PG8JEA is going to be installed as part of a matched HVAC system to supply all your heating and cooling needs.  Get the SEER boost that will cut your cooling cost significantly by having a pro install, set up and test your equipment for safety and operating performance.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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