American Standard Silver XI 14 Heat Pump Review

The American Standard Silver XI 14 heat pump is very efficient as well as quite affordable, offering basic dependability in a well-made unit.  It is a popular choice as part of a matched system that also includes an American Standard air handler or a gas furnace to help with the heating load in cooler climates.  We offer this American Standard Silver XI 14 heat pump review to decide if this unit is right for you.  We provide all of our HVAC reviews to help our readers find the right equipment and the best prices are they plan for their heating and cooling needs.

Key Features of the American Standard Silver XI 14 Heat Pump

  • Up to 14 SEER for cooling.
  • Reliable components including high-efficiency Climatuff compressor and aluminum spine-fin coil.
  • Single stage heating and cooling.
  • Sizes: 1.5 ton, 18K Btu; 2 ton, 24K Btu; 2.5 ton, 30K Btu; 3 ton, 36K Btu; 3.5 ton, 42K Btu, 4 ton 48K Btu; 4 ton, 60K Btu.
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant cabinet, hardware and pan extend durability and good looks.
  • American Standards most economical heat pump in terms of equipment cost.

American Standard Silver XI 14 Prices

We can offer you several prices for this model by itself or with a matching air handler for you to compare.

American Standard Silver XI 14 2 ton / 24,000 Btu heat pump only: $2,369

American Standard Silver XI 14 3 ton / 36,000 Btu heat pump only: $2,589

American Standard Silver XI 14 2.5 ton / 3,000 Btu heat pump with air handler: $4,289

American Standard Silver XI 14 Heat Pump Warranty

The limited warranty for this unit offers 10-year limited coverage on all functional parts including the compressor, and 1 year on labor.  Extended warranty coverage is available at additional cost.

Avoid Short Cuts on Installation

While some homeowners are equipped to install the American Standard Silver XI 14 heat pump, it does require specialized tools that most of us don’t have available.  In addition, some of the skills involved are not typical even for advanced do-it-yourselfers.  That’s why it makes the most sense to use a qualified contractor to ensure that your heat pump and other components are installed correctly and safely.  If you read enough heat pump reviews you’ll see horror stories of DIY installation that went badly.  Who needs that?  You’ll enjoy the highest efficiencies and the best durability, plus have the confidence that your unit’s warranty will be honored if needed, when you leave the installation to a pro.

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