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Heating Boiler Reviews

heating-boiler-reviewsWhether you're looking for a heat source for radiant floors or for a radiator system, a quality heating boiler is essential. Heating boilers are a great way to heat no matter your fuel source. Boilers can run off of natural gas, oil, propane or electricity. Here are a few heating boiler reviews by brand to give you an idea of what's available today.

Carrier Boilers
If you're looking for quality, Carrier should be at the top of your list. Nearly any HVAC installation professional will tell you that Carrier is like the gold standard when it comes to HVAC equipment. Carrier offers heating boilers in 4 models, primarily differentiated on their AFUE ratings. The top of the line is their Performance 90 unit which is a AFUE 90 rated water boiler with a cast aluminum heat exchanger. The low end is the Comfort 80 water or steam boiler with a cast iron heat exchanger.

Carrier boilers tend to be very quiet when compared with the competition. Carrier also offers a 5 year limited warranty on parts and a 15 year warranty on the heat exchanger.

Weil-McLain Boilers
Another leader in the heating boiler market is Weil-McLean. No matter what your heating needs are, Weil-McLean will have you covered. Weil-McLean offers several models of boilers for natural gas or oil. Their Ultra Series 3-UE Gas Boiler  has an amazing AFUE of 96. In their oil burner line, their Ultra model has an AFUE of 86%.

Weil-McLean offers a 15 year limited warranty on their gas boilers which is one of the longest in the industry.

Worcester-Bosch Boilers
If you're looking for a lot of options you may want to take a look at Worcester-Bosch (WB). WB is a leading British company that offers a COMBI boiler unit (combination boiler and hot water heater), regular boilers and system boilers. Nearly all of their gas boilers operate at 90 AFUE or higher. Their oil boilers are even more efficient at 94 AFUE.

WB offers a 10 year warranty on their boilers provided you service and maintain your equipment on a regular basis.

Shopping for a Heating Boiler
Before making a final purchase, take some time to read HVAC reviews on the top brands you're considering. While the manufacturers specifications might look ideal, how each unit performs after installation is another thing entirely. Find out what people are saying for good or bad. If nothing else, the negative reviews will provide you with a few things to check on before buying. Do note that many negative reviews on HVAC equipment stem from poor installation. Finding a local qualified HVAC contractor to do your installation work will be critical in order to have a satisfying experience with your new heating boiler. HVAC professionals can also give you some advice on which systems will be easier and less expensive to service and repair over the years.

Heating boilers are an efficient way to heat your home. Hopefully the these heating boiler reviews will help you kick start your comparison of brands and options. No matter which one you go with, make sure you have a good installer and you'll be enjoying your boiler all winter long.

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