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Carrier Comfort 95 Gas Furnace Review

Carrier offers a great lineup of high efficiency gas furnaces. If you're in the market for a furnace with an AFUE rating of 90 or greater, the Comfort 95 is one to add to the list to investigate. In this review we'll take a look of some of the standard features, the Carrier warranty and what to look for in a quality installer. As you consider the various high efficiency furnaces that Carrier has to offer, take some time to determine your needs and your budget.

Carrier's Lineup
Carrier offers four categories of furnace. The top of the line is the Infinity series, then the Performance series, next is the Comfort series and finally the Base series. The primary thing that differentiates the different series (with the exception of the Infinity series which is it's own unique brand of amazing technology)is the types of advanced features that are available.
Carrier Comfort 95 Gas Furnace Features
Carrier furnaces have a wide range of desirable features. The Comfort 95 is no exception. Features include:

  • Up  to 95% AFUE for great energy efficiency
  • Equipped with Carrier's ComfortFan™ technology
  • Sealed combustion system
  • Features a tainless steel heat exchanger for long lasting performance
  • Carrier's Pilot-free PowerHeatignition
  • Energy Star rated
  • Available in 58,000 to 96,000 BTUH capacities
  • Multi-Speed blower
  • Natural gas furnace but convertible to liquid propane

Carrier Warranty
Carrier offers a good warranty on their line of HVAC equipment. They offer a 10 Year Limited Parts warranty and a Limited Lifetime heat exchanger warranty when the furnace is registered within 90 days. Extended warranties and labor warranties may also be available so be sure to inquire with the installer or dealer you decide to work with. Keep in mind that Carrier will not honor the warranty on any HVAC equipment purchased from an online merchant. While you can save a lot of money buying online, you'll have to decide for yourself if the savings are worth giving up the warranty coverage.

Quality Installation for Carrier Furnaces is Critical
No matter which Carrier gas furnace you decide to go with, finding an experienced local qualified contractor is extremely important. While the quality of the furnace that you receive from the factory will be up to manufacturing standards, there is a great variance in the quality of contractors out there. A quality furnace is only so much sheet metal if not installed properly. Ask for and check references, check the BBB rating and ensure that any contractor you go with is at least bonded, licensed and insured. Certified is even better.

If you're considering the Comfort 95, you'd be well served to also investigate the Carrier Performance 95 model as it has a variable speed motor and is two stage instead of single stage. Some contractors believe that the Comfort 95 was designed specifically to take advantage of the Federal tax credits. Take some time to read HVAC reviews to see how the Carrier Comfort 95 compares in the field to the Performance 95. While the Comfort 95 does offer a great AFUE a little more spent on the variable speed motor and the two stage functionality will likely be money well spent.

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