Tips for Finding HVAC Units Wholesale

hvac-units-wholesaleBuying wholesale is a smart way to save money. HVAC units wholesale in particular can save you a bundle. Why spend thousands extra for the same merchandise? Here are a few tips on getting your next HVAC unit at a great discount.

Wholesale Tip #1: Do your research
Before you start shopping you need to know what you're shopping for. There are a few ways to determine what your needs are. You could call around to find out what a good replacement would be for your existing system. Manufacturer's websites are also great resources for showing the latest and greatest HVAC technology. Some online merchants will also be happy to chat with you on the phone about your needs. You can even have a local company come out and give you a bid on what a new system would run and what they would recommend. However you go about it, you'll need to know the size of the unit that you need and an idea of the brand that you'd want before you make your purchase.

Wholesale Tip #2: Check online auctions
One of the best places to find HVAC units wholesale is online auctions like eBay. If you want quick access to prices, it's the fastest ways to go. Some of the systems available online are at a huge discount – sometimes more than 50% of what you'd pay retail. Be sure to read the fine print to ensure that the system is new and in good condition. Also see if the seller has any particular terms or conditions.

Wholesale Tip #3: Factor in freight
Before bidding on an online auction, write to the seller and find out exactly how much freight will run to your location. Also ask what the policy is if the equipment arrives damaged. Most freight carriers have a policy if there is obvious damage to the exterior packaging. But what happens if you get the crate open and the unit isn't functional? Be sure to know the answer to these questions before you bid.

Wholesale Tip #4: Line up a HVAC installation company
You'll need help getting the system installed. Do a search for a local HVAC installation specialist and get a bid – or several. Before you buy you want to make sure you can find someone who is knowledgeable enough to install it and who can do so for a price that you can afford. No point in getting a fancy new HVAC system to let it sit in the garage for a few weeks while you scramble to line up an installer. Might as well get the research out of the way before you even start shopping. As an added bonus, lots of HVAC installers are willing to give advice on the type of system you should purchase. They have a lot of experience and will know which systems last and which tend to break down on a regular basis.

It's definitely possible to find HVAC units wholesale – the key is to shop smart. Do a little research and know in advance what you're shopping for and that you can get it installed and you'll be able to save a bundle on your next HVAC purchase.

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