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Amana Furnace Review

amana-furnace-reviewsIf you're in the market for a quality furnace, be sure to add Amana to the list of brands you're considering. In this Amana furnace review we'll give you some insight into the company history and the pros and cons of Amana's current furnace lineup. We'll also give you some tips on having your Amana furnace installed properly so you can get maximum efficiency.

Company History
Amana started doing business in 1934 in Amana, Iowa. It's first line of products were beverage coolers and walk in coolers. After WWII, Amana was known for its microwave ovens. Down the line Amana was acquired by Matag. Amana HVAC equipment is now manufactured by Goodman and shares similarities in the technology used.


  • Amana furnaces offer some of the highest AFUE ratings – up to 96%.
  • The tubular heat exchanger design is considered one of the better designs and is used in all Amana gas furnaces.
  • Many Amana furnaces offer great features like variable speed blowers, hot surface ignition and electronic control boards.


  • Warranty – Amana's warranty on the heat exchanger doesn't make a lot of sense. After a year, the labor isn't included. Chances are, if the heat exchanger goes out it won't be in the first year. If it does go out, and it's after that first year, the cost in labor to repair the heat exchangers is likely to be equal in cost to purchasing a new furnace.

Installation is Key
While it might seem like the type of furnace you buy is what will determine the quality of your indoor temperatures and the fuel efficiency you receive, it's actually only a part of the equation. The main area where you will see improvements in efficiency is in the installation. The type of installation work you get can make or break your furnace efficiency. When you shop around for an Amana furnace, spend just as much time, if not more, finding the right local HVAC contractor to do your installation work. Don't hesitate to call multiple HVAC installation companies and get detailed bids from all of them. You're likely to find that half of the  companies you call don't show up. Out of the ones who do show up, only a couple will spend the kind of time they need to in order to accurately size your home. Be sure to speak with the actual technician who will be doing the installation if at all possible. If the installer isn't the one bidding the job, ask to talk to the installer who will be given your job. Ask how much expertise they have with Amana furnaces. By doing your homework interviewing the installers you'll get great performance out of your Amana furnace.

Amana has a great deal to offer yet is often overlooked as a brand. Amana is a great value, particularly when installed by a reputable contractor. Take a look at their range of furnaces to see if one of them will fit your needs.

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