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4 Reasons to Use a Window Air Conditioner Cover

window air conditioner coverWindow air conditioning units give us relief from the heat in the summer months. When fall rolls around consider purchasing a window air conditioner cover to cut down on drafts, reduce your utility bills and keep your air conditioner in working order. In this article we present 4 of the top reasons to purchase a window air conditioner cover.

  1. Stop Cold Drafts
    Do you have a cold air draft coming from your window air conditioner? Insulated window covers can substantially cut down on drafts with energy efficient insulation. Keep your home more comfortable during the winter months with the right kind of AC cover.
  2. Save Money
    During the winter you can spend a lot of extra money on heat loss. Cracks between doors, improperly sealed windows and other areas open to the outdoors are prime ways that heat can escape. A window AC unit definitely can contribute to heat loss if you don’t have it properly covered in the winter. Covers are inexpensive and are well worth the investment when you think about the savings in your heating bill.
  3. Easy to Install
    Most covers are extremely easy to install. In many instances it is as easy as slipping a cover over the unit and it is held in place by elastic or heavy duty double sided tape. Adding a cover is certainly far easier than removing the unit and reinstalling it come summer. Removal of the cover is just as easy. Be sure to order the right size as they are made to fit snugly for maximum energy efficiency.
  4. Keep Your Air Conditioner Clean
    If you install an exterior window air conditioner cover you will be helping to keep your AC unit clean during the winter months when dirt and grime can accumulate.

If you’re not sure what kind of cover to purchase, consider asking your local AC service provider if they can recommend a type. While air conditioner covers don’t require a licensed HVAC professional to install them, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a professional recommendation. And if you did pay for HVAC installation they should be able to look up your records to determine the exact dimensions of the model and give you a head start on determining the type of cover to order.

Now that you know more about the benefits of window AC covers, think about ordering one online or picking one up the next time you’re at a home improvement store – you’ll be glad you did.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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