Unclogging Your Air Conditioning Condensate Drain Line The Easy Way

It's getting to that time of year when you will begin using and relying on your Air Conditioning system again, and it's important to make sure that you’re a/c systems' condensate drain line is clear. A clogged A/C condensate drain line can cause an enormous amount of water damage to your home if left untreated.

Up until now, clearing that condensate drain line required cutting the line near the air handler drain pan and blowing out the line with either a water hose or high pressure air, both ways certainly were capable of causing a big mess or worse, blowing apart the drain line itself.

The other method many people used was to connect a wet/dry vacuum to the outlet of the drain line, usually found outside the home near the A/C condensing unit. The problem with this method is that the wet/dry vacuum does not generate enough suction to handle a tough clog and also requires you to connect it to an electrical outlet which means most times the use of an extension cord.

Introducing the Mighty Pump

Mighty Pump, which is a new product being used by many A/C Contractors, is a lightweight handheld pump which does not require any electric and has an incredible amount of suction power is now available at www.ACDrainPump.com for homeowners to buy and use.

How Does the Mighty Pump Work?

The Mighty Pump is very easy for anyone to use! Simply attach the suction hose of the Mighty Pump to the outlet of the A/C condensate drain line outside your home and pump the handle a few times. You will be amazed at what you may see come out of your drain. By using the Mighty Pump before the A/C season starts and then again once during the season and again at the end of the season will help you prevent costly water damage to your home.

Mighty Pump Condensate Line Cleaner In Action



2 Responses to “Unclogging Your Air Conditioning Condensate Drain Line The Easy Way”
  1. Clogged air conditioner condensate drain lines can form another source of air conditioner or heat pump condensate leakage and so will lead into some major complications.
    Maintenance and other services is really needed in your air conditioning unit.

  2. Mark says:

    We started smelling a musty smell in the house the other day and we found the drainage line for our outside unit down in the ground the other day. When we picked it up water came rushing out. We still have the musty smell in the house. What needs to be done?

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