Attic Fan Thermostat Settings – How to Choose!

Attic ventilation fans are one of the quickest and easiest ways a homeowner can almost instantly, help their homes central cooling system work more efficiently!

You home attic can, and likely will reach temperatures of 140-160 degrees on days when it's 85-95 degrees outside this summer. Just imagine how hard your own body would have to work to keep you cooled off, if you had a 150 degree burner sitting just 1 foot above your head! In reality, that's exactly what is happening in your home!

Many people buy an attic fan – which cost around $50 for standard electric gable fans, to upwards of $350 for a high end solar attic fan, and one of the first things they have to determine is the proper temperature to set the attic fan thermostat!

Attic Fan Thermostat Setting

Most manufacturers recommend setting your attic fan thermostat between 105-115 degrees, and monitoring how often and how long the fan runs, to adjust the setting for your home. Ideally, your attic space will stay in the same temperature range, 105-115 degrees, and the only true way to tell, is to stick a thermometer into your attic overnight, and check the reading every couple hours.

What is Your Attic Fan Set At?

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