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How to Get the Best Price on a New Gas Furnace

Home Heating Season is here and many home owners are going to be faced with having to Replace a Gas Furnace. Knowing for sure that your home heating system needs to be replaced is the first part of the No Heat problem fixed. Now you have to consider who you are going to buy a new furnace from, how you are going to get the best price on a new furnace, and the furnace cost and prices, from various manufacturers, so you can buy a replacement, within your budget.

Choosing the HVAC Contractor

Like any major purchase, when you start shopping for a gas furnace, you have to resist the urge to buy from the first person through your door, regardless of the offer or how they present themselves to you. In most cases, the same HVAC technician that told you the furnace was broken, will be able to provide you with an estimate to replace it. In order to hear your options and get the best gas furnace price, you should get at least 3 estimates from local HVAC Contractors, before  making any decisions!

If you are unsure of who to call, Angies List and even Google will let you see how others in your area have fared with different companies. To find reviews on Google, just open the Google Maps search engine, search for “HVAC Repair + Your City”, (Example: “hvac repair charlotte”) and in the resulting list, you will see user reviews listed next to the contractors names.

Getting Your Furnace Quote

This is a sales process – and you can expect any contractor you meet, to try and get you to sign his contract. Be prepared, and tell them up front that you will not make the decision on whether to buy a furnace right now.  By letting them know ahead of time, you are going to minimize the hard selling tactics, and save yourself valuable time to get additional quotes, or make your replacement decision on your own.

In the internet age, you can actually get furnace price quotes within just a few clicks of your mouse! Service Magic and Quality Smith are two of the more popular places to get multiple quotes from qualified contractors.

Getting the Best Furnace Price

By setting the expectation with your hvac contractor that you are not going to make your buying decision today, you can rest assured they will quote you the best furnace price they can. After all, they are in sales, and its their goal to convince you into signing the contract today!

Tell the contractor exactly what is going to motivate you into buying from them, whether you are price shopping, looking for the highest rated contractor, looking for a specific brand, or whatever you are seeking from the quote. In most cases, a box is a box as long as it heats your home, and most buyers are looking for the best furnace price!

Gas Furnace Prices

Just like cars, refrigerators or any other major purchase, you will be presented with several furnace brands that you have to choose from. Each brand is slightly different, but the main furnace price differences are found in the efficiency of the unit, versus the brand themselves. Higher Efficiency Furnaces cost more money, across ALL brands! Its truly up to you to decide the amount you are willing to spend, but realize that a gas furnace is only replaced every 12-20 years, so your decision could affect you for a long time.

Trane, Carrier, Amana and American Standard brand gas furnaces tend to cost more. Whether or not the quality of these units is higher truly depends on who you talk to. The brands themselves represent the highest quality standards, and they hold their contractors to higher standards than some of the other brands.

Bryant, Rheem, and Goodman represent the lower end of the gas furnace mix. Don't confuse this with lower quality parts or components, because most of the lower end brands are actually just spin-offs of their higher priced sister brands. For instance, Carrier Infinity (High End) and Bryant Evolution (Lower Priced Alternative) are literally Identical in every sense of the word, with exception to the brand name and part number. Goodman and Amana, Rheem and Ruud, etc. All major Gas Furnace manufacturers on the higher end of the spectrum have a lower end counterpart… that is similar or identical, and packaged to attract those within tighter budgets.

Share Your Own Practices for Best Furnace Price Shopping

If you have recently bought a new gas furnace and feel you got a great price, share how you did it below!

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2 thoughts on “How to Get the Best Price on a New Gas Furnace

  • January 2, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    This advice is only “ok”. I admit I am biased – but. In my opinion the most important thing when replacing a furnace is choosing the contractor. Furnaces are not like refrigerators. You don’t just find the model right for you and plug it in.
    I see furnaces every day that are oversized and wasting fuel. I see furnaces every day that are installed very badly – often to ductwork that needs to be modified to work correctly.
    When furnaces are not installed as they should be they result in wasted fuel, uncomfortable homes, noisy operation and sometimes a short life. Furnaces are a major investment. Treat it that way. Furnace are not a commodity best purchased by finding the lowest price.
    Find a contractor who will do an ACCA Manual J heat loss to calculate the correct size furnace. A contractor who understands ductwork and asks questions about your comfort. A contractor who will provide a written guarantee that if you are not 100% satisfied you can get all of your money back. And do by all means check with the county to see what kind of lawsuits (if any) have been filed against the contractor you are considering. Many of the low price guys are scam artists. I see it every day.

  • January 3, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    @ Scott –

    I agree with most of what you said – but there is a big difference between “Finding the Best Price” and “Finding the Best Contractor”, which is what you are describing. Again, I dont disagree with what you are saying at all!! Its just a different topic. (Good topic for the next article as well!)

    Locally – I have seen a good share of botch jobs also.


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