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HVAC Load Calculation Software Review

aloadLoad Calculations are one of, if not THE most important first step in either adding a new HVAC System to your home, or replacing an existing HVAC System! Having properly sized equipment not only assures you proper heating and cooling, it could save you thousands of dollars in equipment run cost over the life of your unit!

Even if You Are Replacing an Existing Unit – An HVAC Load Calculation is Needed!

Load Calculations are so important, that more and more areas of the country are now REQUIRING them to be completed, even on existing changeouts! If you are using a HVAC Contractor to replace your home heating and cooling system, INSIST that they provide a load calculation for your home. If they don't give you one, choose a different contractor, or do your own load calculation, to make sure the equipment is properly matched to your home.

Load Calculation Software Review

One of the biggest reasons most Contractors and Homeowners don't perform an HVAC load calculation, is due to the complexity of the task! In the past, you just about needed a degree in order to perform a Manual J Load Calc. Thanks to the team at Energy Marketing Systems, ANYONE can perform their own manual J load calculations in a matter of a few minutes, right from your desktop computer!

Why Do You Need a Load Calculation?

Instead of viewing your home as a single box, an HVAC Load Calculator actually looks at each individual room of the home and tells you exactly how much heating or cooling it is going to need, in order to properly and most important, EFFICIENTLY, maintain the comfort level in your home.The worse thing anyone could do, is assume that replacing an existing unit with the same size is OK, without first running a load calculation on the home to be sure! Heck, it may have been wrong to begin with!

Many Contractors or online sellers of HVAC equipment use a square footage estimate to tell you the size of the equipment you need. Just so you know how wrong this is, look at this example.

  • 1500 SF home in Orlando Florida may need 3.5 tons of cooling and 40k btu of heating!
  • 1500 SF home in Boston MA, 2 tons of cooling, and 120k btu of heating!

As you can see in the simple example, square footage of a home is not the factor to be used in a load calculation!

Do Your Own HVAC Load Calculation in 30 Minutes!

Who Can Use it

After seeing the load calculator software in action, I have to say… even a child can use it with a little help from you! Everything about the EMS Load Calculator software is point and click! Once you have some basic measurements of the different rooms in your home, the number of windows, trees outside, etc… you simply put the information into the software and go! Within 20-30 minutes, you have a detailed HVAC load calculation right in front of you, to make sure you get the properly sized equipment for your specific home!

How Much Does it Cost?

The HVAC Load Calculation Software costs a one time fee of $149. (Others cost $400+) While that may sound like a lot of money for something you may only use every 15 years, it will literally pay for itself within 2-3 months of having the right size HVAC equipment in your home! Just imagine if you put in a system too small that runs for hours on end, never able to properly heat and cool your home!

Get Your HVAC Load Calculation Software Today!

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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