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Cool N Save – Save Energy on Cooling Costs!

coolnsave2CoolNSave is a revolutionary product that cuts your air conditioning energy costs by up to 30%! When I read that headline, I realized that I HAD to get one of these new energy savers and try it out. We have two air conditioning units on our home, one for upstairs and one for down… the savings from adding this product are amazing!

What is a Cool N Save?

To put it into easy to understand terms, CoolNSave is a small and easy to install part that works on just about every type of residential air conditioner on the market! The product is made up of a small metering valve attached to a fan-blade like paddle, that opens the valve when the AC unit turns on.

Here is how it works…

  1. Air Conditioner turns on and the fan starts blowing air out of the top of the unit.
  2. The paddle on the CoolNSave is pushed up with the airflow, opening the small water valve.
  3. Water (approx 1.2 gals/hour) travels through the valve to the included plastic hoses and misting tips, spraying an fine mist of water into the sides of the ac condenser.
  4. Flash evaporation occurs – lowering the ambient temp by approximately 30 degrees and making your air conditioner work much more efficiently, instantly!

Who Can use CoolNSave?

ANYONE with an air conditioning unit that has a fan on top of the outdoor unit! While I cannot test it on a side discharge since I don't have one, I have to assume it would work on one of those as well!

How Hard is It to Install?

Literally – less than 10 minutes to install (2) systems on my air conditioners! Of course, I had to buy two of them, but the process was the same. I would estimate 10 minutes for anyone, regardless of how handy you are.

Everything you need to install is included:

1 x Cool-n-Save Control valve,
3 x 2 ft Misting arms
3 x Professional misting nozzles
1 x Cool-n-Save Water Treatment Filter,
1 x 20′ of flexible water feed line
1 x Garden Hose adapter

After you attach the control valve to the top of your AC unit, you simply run the flexible hose to a garden hose and attach the end with the provided adapter.

When the AC kicks on – the mister starts working!

How Much Can it Cut off the Power Bill?

We have had these installed for about 2.5 months now. On the only full months bill (we installed mid monthly billing cycle) we have got, our electric bill was $224 LESS, 24%, than the same period last year!

Get Your CoolNSave Today!

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Cool N Save Review Conclusion

Without doubt – the CoolNSave is one of the coolest products on the market, that actually WORKS to save money on cooling costs!

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2 thoughts on “Cool N Save – Save Energy on Cooling Costs!

  • July 10, 2009 at 4:47 pm


    Purchased couple units a few years back but only wasted water. The Cool-N-Save units installed and operate just the way to company explained but the warranty should have been the red flag. Before the warranty was up on the first unit when the second on the way I was on the phone for replacement.

    I have two ac units and one just cools the recreation room so waited to order one for that unit after installing the first. The customer service required me to return unit for replacement on the first so down with no mister for a few days. As for the second unit, it stopped cutting off and the plastic thing leaked all the time. Called the company and was told they had so many warranty claims they would just send out replacement with no return on my part. Well, by this time the summer was over so my warranty was out going into the second year.

    Yes, units will last past the warranty when not in use and stored inside during the winter. The next summer, water started running again on one and the misters would not cutoff on the other. Since both replacements were out of warranty according to company representative these could not be replaced.

    Short, this product is made cheap 2007 model and I did not get any savings just wasted water and my time writing about this product.

    You can try it but you need to remember in only has 90 warranty. Next summer you will be on your own and out $99.50 and some water.

  • January 26, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    I had the exact opposite experience from Jeff. I bought my unit in June 2009 – it easily paid for itself in lower power cost. I had my friend (who is an HVAC tech) run a test on the unit – with and without the Cool-N-Save – and the difference was measurable. I knew that water evaporation would have some effect, but I was not prepared for such a huge amount – saved about 12% (average) over the previous summer electric bill. My friend believes that this nifty little trick might work better on a larger AC unit – and my unit is pretty old. And when the paddle broke – they replaced it for me! No complaints – great customer service, nice folks to deal with, and a terrific product to boot!

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