How Does a Gas Furnace Work?

Have you ever wondered how todays Gas Furnaces work? This short video clip is a great walkthrough. It starts with a call for heat from the thermostat and goes all the way through the firing of the unit!

See if you can follow his red pointer as he points to the different parts being talked about!

Enjoy the narrated sequence of operation on an 80% natural gas furnace


4 Responses to “How Does a Gas Furnace Work?”
  1. frances olsen says:

    where is and how do i chang the filter?

  2. Mark says:

    @ Frances –

    The filter on your furnace can actually be located in a few different place. Most common is directly in the wall or ceiling of your home! If you don’t however have a return air filter grill on a wall or ceiling, you can most likely find the filter right at the side or bottom of your furnace!

    Look at the side panel, and you will generally see a set of 2 clips that allow the side door to open. Open that door and in most cases, the filter will be right in front of you.


  3. Richard Brown says:

    I really enjoyed your video. I am currently working on an associates degree for HVAC and in my heating class the final is on the sequence of operations and your video have helped me out alot

  4. dell says:

    I have an Inter-therm furnace/air remote. It is in a mobile home down flow. When I moved in the unit wiring was modified so the heat worked only. Now I would like the cooling side to work. I need a wiring diagram for the system. What numbers do I need to give you from the unit that will help get some sort of diagram??? If possible??
    The unit seems to be about 1998 model I think.

    Thanking you in advance:

    Dell Johnson

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