Carrier HVAC Wholesale Online – Does it Exist?

This is probably one of the most common questions we fielded over the years of selling Carrier HVAC online!

Can I Buy Wholesale Carrier HVAC Online?

The bottom line answer, is that it depends on who you ask! I know, how much help was that… We sold Carrier through our online store for more than 2-3 years and never had any issues at all, until a local contractor took offense that the high end Infinity equipment was bought wholesale instead of from them.

We were asked by the local distribution warehouse to refrain from our aggressive online marketing efforts… I mean, we actually had supply houses calling us for parts, which is great for OUR business, but not good for them at the dealer level.

In all, it came down to a dealer in Florida who was very successfully selling Bryant and Carrier HVAC Equipment online and he did not like it that we were selling to his customers, thus he complained. There are no laws broken when you buy HVAC equipment online and many of the manufacturers have actually started encouraging their independent dealers to honor installation of those that were bought across the web. After all, it only makes sense that you get the customer information and win a customer versus having them jack-leg install the new unit and mess it up!

Carrier HVAC can be found on ebay only right now as many people will buy it in bulk during a closeout and resell it online direct to you. In our case, we used to buy 150-200 units at a time for literally pennies on the dollar. We would then distribute it through eBay and ship it direct to the buyers. Overall it was a very smooth and efficient process that left 100% of our customers happy!

One thing for sure.. you will get a top of the line, high quality system for your home, at half the cost you will pay locally!

Carrier on eBay

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