Carrier and Bryant are one in the Same!

Over the years of learning about and Selling¬†HVAC Online, I often wondered why many brands look exactly the same! Early in 2007, I had the opportunity to take a trip to the Memphis Tn manufacturing plant for Carrier and Bryant… wow, was I surprised!

Imagine… you walk into a HUGE warehouse, equipment running in circles all around you… At the end of this very long assembly line (which was really, rather impressive) you see these brand new condensing units (Air conditioners) rolling off the line, awaiting the outer packaging… wait… wait, there are two packages at the end of this line!

Thats right… if it goes to the left side of the line, it gets wrapped in a shiny new Carrier packaging! Nice gray metal shell, big blue Carrier logo etc… if the same exact equipment went to the right side of the line, it got the drab tan Bryant metal shell with the shiny red Bryant logo stuck onto it!


Bryant, often represented as the lower class or substandard line of equipment, is IDENTICAL to Carrier Blue, the FLAGSHIP and inventor of air conditioning! Go Figure! The ONLY major difference between these two brands aside from the inflated cost of Carrier, is the outside packaging!

A 13 SEER Bryant AC is the same as a 13 SEER Carrier AC!

The similarities actually reach into several different brands other than just these two… which I will cover in the future. For now, if you are looking for a replacement AC and considering Carrier, you may also want to call a Bryant Dealer in your area, you will likely save some money!

If you prefer to buy HVAC Equipment online, take a look at the Bryant and Carrier systems available on eBay, you will save thousands!

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